Friday, 17 August 2012

You had me at 6th ed...

I've been pretty slack the last few months.  This is evident in the fact my last post was way back in January.  Some of the guys from my local club were talking about the new edition of 40K and how it has made the game fun again.  This reminded me of an army I've had collecting dust in the cupboard for years. 
Years ago I started to build a Relictors space marine army.  I've managed to get most of the army painted but some of my favorite models and conversions have been left in their undercoat.  This was no way to treat models that look so cool, so in the last few weeks I've dust off my Librarian and the honor guard I built for him (this was built back when Librarians could take a command squad).  I am not finished yet but here is the boss and his boys.  The unit will be ten strong, the reat are just waiting to get paint on them.

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  1. The squad's coming along really well mate! I like the Relictors and I always enjoy seeing your army :-). Hope we get to see it more often at the club.