Friday, 31 August 2012

To Infinity and beyond!

I was very happy to hear that someone else in our gaming club (Mark) had bought into Infinity.  Infinity is a Sci fi skirmish game with very detailed true scaled miniatures.  Mark and I have organised to play a game this weekend so I thought I'd better start getting paint on to them.  When I started this week only the sniper and William Wallace (yes William Wallace is in a futuristic sci fi game how can you not love this game?).  As of Saturday morning I have finished (Basing still needs to be done) the Wulver, the S.A.S. trooper, and 3rd Highland Grey Rifleman.  To finish off the battle group for the game tomorrow I have to paint 4 45th Galwegian Highlanders.

 The Highlander Grey
 William Wallace
 Cateran Sniper
The 200 pt Battle group.  The Highlanders are in the process of getting paint on them.

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