Sunday, 29 January 2012

I did it with Gators.

On the 28th of January the good people at Irresistible Force and Allen the Press Ganger ran a tournament at the their store in Shaler Park.  This tournament was the first in Brisbane to use the new steamroller 2012 rules pack.  I took my newly painted Gator army their to try them out on the new rules pack.
The tournament was surprisingly large at sixteen players.  Normally sixteen players would not have been large numbers, but given that there were two very large tournaments running at the same time else where is Australia it was a very positive sign for the Brissy and Australian gaming scene.
With a very depleted field as most of Brisbane top gamers where either at Cancon or the Melbourne tourney I was quietly confident I would do well but I did better then I expected with three straight wins and coming out on top due to strength of schedule.
I learned a few things on the day.  It is very important to read the control points rules as they are different to last year, the other thing is that control points are still collected on the turn where a 'caster is killed.

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